black hawk down movie

Black Hawk Down

The Skinny A powerful recounting of the 1993 U.S. military operation in Somalia in which two black hawk helicopters are …

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Amelie movie poster


The Skinny A romantic comedy of a different kind about a shy young woman in Paris who seeks happiness by …

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dinner rush movie

Dinner Rush

The Skinny Danny Aiello stars in this successful melding of “food films” and “gangster movies” The Bottom Line Come and …

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legally blonde movie

Legally Blonde

The Skinny A blonde sorority girl is dumped by her boyfriend and then decides to follow him to law school …

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Memento movie poster


The Skinny A man, suffering from short-term memory loss, uses notes and tattoos to hunt down his wife’s killer. The …

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Almost Famous movie poster

Almost Famous

The Skinny Young boy escapes from home and travels around the country with a rock band and its groupies. The …

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bring it on movie 2000

Bring It On

The Skinny A camp look at competitive high school cheerleading The Bottom Line I was more impressed with the two-minute …

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the perfect storm movie poster

The Perfect Storm

The Skinny Film version of Sebastion Junger’s account of what might have happened to a fishing boat caught at sea …

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gladiator movie poster


The Skinny In playing a general who becomes a slave who becomes a gladiator who becomes a hero, Russell Crowe …

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high fidelity movie poster

High Fidelity

The Skinny Music junkie searches for the answer to overcoming failure in relationships with women The Bottom Line A near …

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wonder boys movie

Wonder Boys

The Skinny A middle-aged college professor tries to get his life back on track The Bottom Line Curtis Hanson does …

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Boiler Room movie poster

Boiler Room

The Skinny Wily college dropout joins pack of stock swindlers with the promise of making millions The Bottom Line Entertaining, …

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The Insider movie poster

The Insider

The Skinny Bud White blows the whistle on Big Tobacco and Michael Corleone runs the show at “60 Minutes” The …

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The Limey movie poster

The Limey

The Skinny British ex-con seeks revenge against the man involved in his daughter’s death. The Full Review Frankly, I had …

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three kings movie poster

Three Kings

The Skinny A thought-provoking, action-packed “Anti-Gulf War” war movie The Full Review With U2’s “In God’s Country” playing in the …

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American Beauty movie poster

American Beauty

THE SKINNYPart Ice Storm. Part War of the Roses. But, this description in no way does the film justice. THE …

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For Love of the Game movie poster

For Love of the Game

Let me start by saying that given Kevin Costner’s track record in sports-related films (Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, and …

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